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The following summaries are provided as a service to members of the Knob Hill Home Owners Association, Inc. The Association and its Board of Directors is not bound by these interpretations. Please refer to the applicable By-Laws, Building and Use Restrictions and Protective Covenants and/or Bloomfield Township Ordinance for the actual language of the document. Click here to download the complete set of Association bylaws.

BY-LAWS OF THE KNOB HILL HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION a Michigan Corporation (Adopted September 4, 1963)

An annual meeting of the Association is to take place on the first Monday in October at 8:00 pm. Written notice of the meeting, including information about the time, place, location and purpose of the meeting, is to be provided at least ten (10) days before the meeting. If the annual meeting cannot be held on the first Monday of October, a special meeting may be called for the same purpose as the annual meeting.

Association members elect individuals to the Board. Each Board member must be a member in good standing in the Association. At the conclusion of the annual election the newly elected Board adjourns and elects its officers.

The Board is to manage the business, property and affairs of the Association. It must meet at least every three months. There is no requirement that members be given notice of board meetings.

Board terms last for one (1) year. Three (3) directors must reside in Area 1 of the subdivision (the southern portion of the subdivision), two (2) directors must come from Area 2 of the subdivision (the middle portions of the subdivision) and two (2) directors must come from Area 3 of the subdivision (the northern portion of the subdivision). Two (2) additional directors-at-large may reside in any area of the subdivision. The areas are identified on the map found in the subdivision phone directory.

The board of directors shall have full power and authority to assess members whenever, in its discretion, the assessment is in the general interests of the Association. Assessments may include the installation of or repair and maintenance on, the improvements made or to be made at the entrance ways or within the subdivision. Assessments may also be made for enforcing the building and use restrictions. They shall be collectible in advance and borne by all the lots equally.


The covenants are designed to preserve the value of the property of Knob Hill residents and to achieve a more attractive and pleasant area in which to live.

No building shall be located nearer than forty (40) feet from the front lot line. Nor shall a building be erected on a corner lot with a side setback of less than forty (40) feet.

Side setbacks shall be at least sixteen (16) feet.

Rear setbacks shall be at least twenty-five (25) feet.

No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any lot; nor shall anything be done which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

All plans for homes, garages and/or accessory buildings must be approved in writing by the Association's Architectural Committee.
LITTER ORDINANCE (Ordinance No. 91)
No person shall deposit rubbish, refuse, waste, garbage, offal, feces, trash or other foreign substances of any kind any place except in proper receptacles for collection of in official dumps. The ordinance includes all property: personal, commercial and public. Violators are subject to court action and fines.

Trash is not to be placed at the curb until the morning of the scheduled day of pick up and the empty containers are to be removed the same day.

ZONING ORDINANCE (Ordinance No. 265)

Accessory Structures (Sec. 1503)
A “structure” is defined as anything constructed or erected, the use of which requires locations on the ground or attachment to something having location on the ground. Examples include garages, storage units, air-conditioning condensers, satellite dish antennas, dog runs, radio transmitting towers and play structures. Air conditioning condensers do not require Zoning Board approval if they abut the rear of the house. The homeowner must obtain approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals before a Township permit will be issued.

Building codes require that detached buildings be located in a rear yard supported by concrete footings and slab.

Open Storage (Sec. 1508.3)

Recreational, commercial or unlicensed vehicles, etc. and materials (tools, equipment, trash, etc.) may not be left in public view. Special variances require the approval of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Fences (Sec. 1510)
All fences require a Township permit prior to installation. Fences must be located in a side and/or rear yard and may not exceed four feet in height. Corner lots are considered to have two front yards. All other fence require approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Satellite Dishes (Sec. 1518)
The Township considers satellite dishes to be a special land use. Installation of a dish requires approval by the Township Zoning Board of Appeals. Specific restrictions are imposed on the size, materials to be used and location of ground-mounted, roof-mounted and structure-mounted dishes. Setback restrictions are to be honored and screening is to be placed when installing a ground-mounted dish.

Building Permits (Sec. 1701)

Any structural changes on property that cost $50 or more require a permit. Building plans should be approved by the Knob Hill Home Owners Association and then submitted to the Township for a permit. Structural changes include new construction, alterations, additions and repairs. This ordinance provides for inspections to protect against code violations and poor workmanship.


No person, firm or corporation may burn leaves, brush, branches and/or twigs on any property in Bloomfield Township.

Violators shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction may be fined up to $500 or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed 90 days, or by both such fines and imprisonment in the discretion of the Court.


DOG ORDINANCE (Ordinance No. 423)

All owners must maintain “reasonable control” over their dogs. No dog shall be allowed to run at large off the owner’s property.

It is unlawful for an owner to allow a dog to deposit fecal material any place other than the property where the dog is kept, unless the fecal material is immediately collected and removed to the premises where the dog is kept.

No one may own or keep any dog which by loud, frequent or habitual barking, yelping or howling becomes a nuisance to occupants of other property.

One may not keep a “dangerous dog.” A “dangerous dog” has rabies or is capable of inflicting death or serious injury on a person or domestic animal.

“Invisible” fencing for dogs may placed only in the rear yard, in an area set back at least sixteen (16) feet from the side lot lines and twenty-five (25) feet from the rear lot line. A permit must be obtained from the Township before the fence may be installed.

No person shall treat a dog in a cruel or inhumane manner or willfully or negligently cause or permit a dog to suffer unnecessary pain or torture.

All dogs six months or older must be licensed by Bloomfield Township. All licensed dogs must wear a collar or harness, to which is attached the Township’s metal license, at all times.



No one who is at least eighteen (18) years old and who has control of a residence or premises shall allow a social gathering of persons if any alcoholic beverage or drug (controlled substance) is possessed or consumed by a minor where the adult knew or reasonably should have known that any alcoholic beverage or drug was in the possession of or being consumed by a minor and where the adult failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the possession or consumption of the alcoholic beverage or drug. The ordinance does not apply to legally protected religious observances under the direct guidance of an ordained person.

Violators may be fined up to $500, plus costs.


Solicitation means the act of offering or attempting to offer wares, merchandise, services, items of personal property, real property, either for immediate or future delivery; or the act of seeking or attempting to seek contributions either in money for services, for charitable or commercial purposes.

All solicitors must first obtain a license to solicit from the Bloomfield Township Clerk. A license is not required for those engaged in the sale or distribution of newspapers or those engaged in soliciting on foot within one-half mile of their own residence.

Solicitations may take place between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Prohibited activities include fixed stands, solicitations that obstruct a street, alley, sidewalk or driveway, curb service or entry on private property expressly requesting no solicitation.

No solicitor shall enter upon and/or call upon a residence or business within Bloomfield Township after having been expressly notified that no solicitation is desired. No solicitation may take place if a sign is displayed indicating “no soliciting,” “no solicitation” and/or other language specifically conveying the message that no soliciting is desired.

A solicitor may not threaten or annoy a Township resident or engage in conduct which is, or would tend to create, a nuisance.

Violators shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished 
by a fine not more than $500.00 plus costs or by imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or by both fine and costs and imprisonment in the discretion of the Court.


Homeowner is required to separate recyclable from non-recyclable materials.

The following services are currently available to homeowners:

•    Weekly curbside collection of general refuse

•    Curbside collection for commingled recyclables, such as newspapers, glass, cans and selected plastics — with collection   on the same day as regular refuse collection. Recycling containers are provided to each household

•    Seasonal collection of grass clippings, leaves and bundled brush

•    Christmas tree collection and chipping

•    Weekly collection of bulky items and appliances at no additional cost 
   Call in advance to make arrangements

•    Periodic collection and disposal of household hazardous waste at Township Hall

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