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Pay Dues By Check 

As it has remained for over 20 years, the annual dues are again $75 for 2018. We are doing what is needed to keep our cost down and still provide the expected good services for the subdivision. Please note there is a $20 late fee if not received by the due date. 


If you are renting or leasing, please notify the property owner, who is responsible for this payment.  Also, please let us know who the owner is and that you are forwarding this to them.


Please make your check payable to:


Knob Hill Homeowners Association


and send your check to:

Knob Hill Homeowners Association 1635 Hoit Tower Dr.

Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48302


Please let us know if you cannot pay right now so we can discuss possible payment options. Per the association by-laws accounts that remain unpaid are subject to an additional $20 late fee. Dues that are not paid are also subject to a lien and other legal action . We want to avoid having to take these actions if at all possible.


Thank You! 



Dave Richter


Knob Hill Homeowners Association Treasurer:

Pay Dues Online Via PayPal
Follow the link below and pay your dues online!!!

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